Skin Health Consultation, collaboration between Kristina Holey & Justine Wenger (TCM), is a holistic & comprehensive approach to addressing symptomatic skin and healthy skin function. The initial consultation is an in-depth conversation, to gain a better understanding of all facets of your individual skin needs and goals, taking into consideration your full health & skin history, as well as your current skin state and effects/influences from everyday life. Our focus integrates both topical support (products, skin microbiome, external stressors, at-home care) and the internal systems that impact skin function (immune function, gut health, nervous system & stress, hormonal health, blood system) to help clients better understand their unique skin health. The goal is to help you identify your stressors (internal and external), and establish better habits to support healthy skin function and maintain symptom-free skin.

The virtual consultation program consists of:

* Client intake questionnaire, including: full health history, dietary and lifestyle, past and current skin conditions, review of skin care regimen and skin goals defined, supplementation & medication use

* 5 day food journal analysis

* 60 minute initial consultation (virtual/zoom) & 30 minute follow-up consults: to provide comprehensive care we typically recommend follow-up consults every 3/ 6/ 9 months to check progress/modify (4x per year to account for seasonal shifts & needs as well)

* Written skin protocol by Kristina & Justine: a review of current skincare products and conditions, personalized am/pm regimens complete with product recommendations, and TCM & Skin theory. Individual protocols also include a general overview of dietary/hydration/eating habits to support skin health, as well as specific dietary notes to start implementing, consideration and recommendations for strategic supplementation, healthy sleep habits, stress management, movement, and mental/emotional support to benefit skin, etc. - all as needed.