Kristina's goal while treating clients is to help guide their skin into balance. She offers thoughtful advice on products and how to use them, as well as nutritional and supplemental suggestions that can help aid in this balancing process. Instead of choosing from a menu of services, each client will receive a singular treatment based on his or her personal needs and unique lifestyle.

Treatments typically last one and a half to two hours, beginning with an in-depth discussion regarding habits, diet and lifestyle. The physical treatment entails deep cleansing and nourishment through minerals, pure oils and extracts. Kristina then uses two types of massage to stimulate circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and heat the skin, so that each product can penetrate deeply and target specific muscles and points in the face. Following, various masks and broths are used to cool and soothe, protect and strengthen the skin. All products used fit a strict criteria of purity, efficacy, and awareness of their origin.

After each treatment, a protocol will be created listing morning and evening product suggestions as well as internal health recommendation— rituals meant to promote a genuine and pleasurable sense of well being. Perhaps most importantly, Kristina develops trusting relationship with each client so as to sustain the process of balancing the skin over time. On a case by case basis, she will guide her clients through their individual regimens, suggesting how often treatments should be repeated for maximum benefit. It is her priority to remain as available as possible throughout the week for questions during this process, and she will almost always respond to an email within the 24 hours.